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Kidd's Profile

Age: 16
Sex: Female
Element: Red (she's a fiery lass, ne?)
Height and Weight: 5' 5" tall, 99 lbs
Hometown: ????
Weapon: Dagger

General Info

Kidd (or Kid) at first glance is our "love interest" or "female sub-main character." But don't be fooled by RPG convention. Kidd is actually pretty fascinating!! She's a long and lanky thief from a roving band of rouges--but she's got more on her mind than stealing goodies. Kidd is hunting down the vile Yamaneko to get revenge for something the catlike baddie did to her in the past... She runs into Serge in Another World when he's first transplanted there, on the peak where the "other" Serge is buried. She helps Serge fend off Karsh, Salt, and Pepor, and from then on she's part of your party as a quick-witted, sly-mouthed daredevil (and a cockney "accent" to boot!).

Kidd has weak attacks, but she's quick and has thieving and red elemental skills. Her major skills are: "Pilfer" (learned at 3 stars), "Red Pin" (learned at 15 stars), and "Hot Shot" (learned at 35 stars).

A note about her name: In the Japanese version, her name is often romanized as "Kidd." In the American version, her name is spelled "Kid." Therefore, it's OK to spell it either way in my book. ^_^

I suggest if you don't want to have the game spoiled for you, read no further since most of Kidd's info is revealed later in the game! ^_~

Kidd in the Home World: ??? Not known to exist.

Kidd in Another World: Alive and well and the member of a thieves' guild. She's an orphan.


Okay folks. Here's where it gets fun. Kidd was orphaned as a little girl, and the warm-hearted Lucca (yes--from Chrono Trigger!) adopted her. Kidd, Lucca, and a whole batch of other orphans, were living peacefully for a long time in Lucca's cool cottage. While Lucca built machines and did experiments, Kidd and the other children grew up happily.

One dark night, though, Kidd's good fortune was about to change forever. A lynx-like being and his jester sidekick descended upon Lucca's humble home and attacked. They turned demons loose on the children, and the sinister Yamaneko and friend (*ahem*) killed Lucca!

This is where it gets weird. Later in the game, you (as Serge) go back in time with the help of the Masamune, to the moment when Yamaneko and Harle were attacking Lucca's home. You fend off the demons and save Kidd's life (it's too late for poor Lucca) and you catch a glimpse of Yamaneko and Harle as they leave. As you transport Kidd to safety, she begs you not to leave her alone. You tell her that someday we'll meet again, and she agrees. And guess what--you were both right! That event really DID take place. And that's why Kidd sort of recognizes you when she first meets you at the gravesite. It's because you meet her AGAIN for the second time in the future!! But, you wouldn't have met her the first time, had you not met her the second time. Does that make sense? Time is circular and all the events connect to each other.

So, you can see why Kidd is so pissed at Yamaneko/Lynx. He killed Lucca and destroyed her childhood home. So, she goes gunning for him years later. However, the twists don't stop there. Remember how little Kidd was an orphan? Well, she's actually the daughter of Schala!! Schala is from Chrono Trigger, and she's a goddess being who sacrificed herself to seal Lavos away in the streams of time. Well, apparently Schala had time to have a daughter (I think she created Kidd from her own essence or something) and Kidd IS that daughter. If you'll notice in the final battle, Schala's face looks very much like Kidd's. Cool, ne?

Aside from having a goddess mommy, and a character from the prequel as her adoptive parent, Kidd's got even more to her. It seems this cycle with her meeting and re-meeting Serge isn't the beginning or the end. If you beat Lavos by saving Schala (using the Chrono Trigger and setting up those musical tones), you see a girl that looks JUST LIKE Kidd in the future--say the 20th century. There's a repeated sentiment: "I'll find you again, no matter when or where..." Hmm... it seems Kidd is constantly reborn. Very intriguing.

Another point of interest that's actually just pure speculation... EVERY character in the game has a counterpart in each world, whether that mirror of themself is actually alive or dead. Every single character does. Even Marcy and Zoah and Karsh (although their Home World counterparts are dead). The only person who doesn't is Kidd. Some fans have come up with a pretty cool theory. Harlequin (Harle the Jester) doesn't have a counterpart, either. And, their faces look very, very much alike. Harle's is just painted. It's a pretty high possibility then that Kidd and Harle are the same person, each in their different world. What do you think?

Serge is the most powerful character in the game, as you might imagine. He has strong fighting skills, powerful "Skills," and an affinity for white elements, which makes him irreplacable against dark creatures. His Skills are: Dash & Slash (learned at 3 stars), Luminaire (learned at 15 stars), and the kickass "Flying Arrow" (learned at 35 stars). He has plenty of magic slots to fill and he's never at a loss for finding great weapons. Personally, I usually don't care for the heroes much--but Serge is really fascinating. He's good a well-balanced RPG base and an intriguing history and future.

~~~~~ Spoilers Below!! BEWARE! ~~~~

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