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Nikki (Slash)'s Profile

Age: 19
Sex: Male
Element: Blue
Height and Weight: 6'0", 115 lbs
Occupation: Rock Star
Hometown: Either the monster island or the S.S. Zelbess
Weapon: Guitar & rock n' roll, man!

General Info

Nikki's a pretty cool character. In the Japanese game, he was named "Slash" (there's a Slash in the original Chrono Trigger, too, named after the Guns N' Roses guitar player), so it's safe to say that his name is an allusion to the old game AND the real dude. Nikki is a visual rock star like Gackt, Malice Mizer, X Japan, and the like and he wears ultra-sexy outfits (insert the screams of thousands of fans).

He's about even with physical attacks and magic. His major Skills are: "Grand Finale" (a la The Who smashing guitars, learned at 3 stars), "Chill Out" (learned at 19 stars), and "LimeLight" (learned at 30 something stars). He gets lots of magic slots, too!

Nikki in the Home World: He's a Rock Star traveling around on a ship, performing for millions.

Nikki in Another World: He's a Rock Star traveling around--hey, he's the same dude. All around. But this is the Nikki that joins your party.


Nikki's got an interesting enough story. When you first meet him (if you activated his storyline and not Guile's or Pierre's), Nikki is running from bad dudes in the forest near Viper Manor. Apparently, he likes to adventure and being a Rock Star isn't enough for him. Save him and he'll join your party.

Nikki is more than just an ordinary human, as we find out, though. His father is actually Fargo the pirate (oh yeeeaaaah). And his mother is Fargo's dead MERMAID wife! No wonder Nikki's so pretty! Nikki, then, is half-monster and has an affinity for the island of the monsters. When he learns that the island is slowly being destroyed by some kind of infestation of dead spirits, driven by a black dragon, he sets out to learn the song that can break the chains off the island and save all monsterkind! If you help him with this quest, he and Mikki the dancer perform a rock opera and they awaken the Black Dragon (which you can then beat the crap out of).

Just when you thought he was cool enough, being the son of a pirate and all, he's also got a sister who's half mermaid. That would be the twisted little mop top Marcy. Marcy is Nikki's sister all right, but she just chose the life of a general instead of adventurer or musician. What a bizarre family, ne?

Nikki's character stays consistent between the two worlds. Apparently he's being doing what he really enjoys and believes in all along...

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