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The Chrono Cross Information Page

Looking for Walkthroughs? FAQs? Tidbits about gameplay? This is the right area. Expect many additions here!

Game FAQs / Guides

Christine Bomke, has built the ULTIMATE guide to character recruitment, skills, background info, and secrets! Trust me, I printed this thing out and had it sitting next to me while I played the whole game. A must-have for beginners and pros.

Chrono Cross Character Recruiting FAQ by CB :(chrono_cross_character.txt - 105K)

Thentavius (me) has put together a simple, easy to print FAQ sheet on the final battle with Lavos. It focuses on how to get the Chrono Cross to work without having to waste all night ^_^.

Thentavius's Final Battle w/ Lavos Tidbits by Thentavius :(lavos_battle.txt - 10K)

Thentavius's Final Battle w/ Lavos Tidbits by Thentavius :(lavos_battle.rtf - 10K)



Brian Shea, a fellow CC fan (obviously) has compiled a COMPLETE SCRIPT of the game!! Pretty impressive, I gotta say. Feel free to download it and read it, but beware of spoilers!

The Complete Chrono Cross Script by Brian Shea:(ccross_script.txt - 106K)


IMPORTANT NOTE: All game FAQs, Walkthroughs, Scripts, and Downloadable material on this page are the property of the creator. Therefore, I have written permission from the creators to post it here as a resource. DO NOT re-post these documents elsewhere without first getting the permission of the writers!!!! Don't be a thief. I have included their contact info for those who'd like to ask permission to re-post these articles elsewhere. You may, of course, download these documents for personal use--just don't re-post 'em without permission.  

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