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One of the best thing about all Squaresoft RPGs (and especially about Chrono Cross) are the characters and their complex personalities and background stories. Even the smallest or most ineffectual member of the cast usually has some fascinating tie-in or tidbit, and my intention is to gather all the character info that can be had so that you can easily access it with just a few clicks.

Ever wondered which of Chrono Cross' amazing Critters was most like you? Take this quick personality test to see if you're a Pip or a Poshul:
Chrono Cross Cute Critter Character Test.

Or, how about which Male character has a personality closest to yours? Take the Chrono Cross Male Character Personality Test and see which of the game's guys most closely matches YOU: Chrono Cross Male Character Personality Test -- Are you a Serge or a Lynx?

Serge Kidd / Kid Yamaneko (Lynx)
Harlequin (Harle) Guile Nikki (Slash)
Leena Pierre Poshul
Grenn (Glenn) Karsh Riddel (Riddle)
ZOAH Marcy Korcha
Macha Luccia Razzly
Pip Zappa Zippa
Radius Ishito (Norris) Lord Viper
Janice Mikki Starchild (Starky)
Dragonchild (Draggy) Lucky Dan (Mojo) Sprigg
Turnip NeoFio Van
Irenes Mel Steena
Doc Grobyc Glove
Leah Dario Sneff
Greco Skelly (Skarl) Funguy
Orcha Evil Orcha Fargo

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