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Glenn's Profile

Age: 20
Sex: Male
Element: Green
Height and Weight: 5'9" tall, 141 lbs
Hometown: Termina
Weapon: Sword/Einlanzer
Occupation: Knight

General Info

Glenn is a young knight in the service of Lord Viper of Viper Manor/Termina. He's the younger brother of Dario and the son of Garai. He grew up in a cute littl' log cabin in Termina (next door/behind Karsh's family's blacksmith shop).

Glenn is an aspiring warrior who's so devoted to what's right and to the law that he sometimes gets psycho about it. He's youthful and bold, and very intense. He's always looked up to his older brother Dario and to Karsh, and yet he's somehow always lived in their great shadow. He's the youngest of Viper's generals.

Some fans have hypothesized that Glenn is Glenn (or Frog) from Chrono Trigger. Well, knowing that Glenn's age is only supposed to be 20 in CC, it's highly unlikely since Frog was from the mideival area of CT and was already 20 or so. Christine Bomke, writer of the expert Character Recruiting FAQ also agrees with this and says that at some point it is mentioned that Garai named his son Glenn AFTER the heroic character of legend, Glenn (Frog) from the first game. I don't remember where that tidbit came from in the game as I only got Glenn one time through.

Glenn in the Home World: I don't remember seeing Glenn in the Home World. Perhaps he died in the lost sea--during the same even that killed all of the Home World's generals? Anyone know?

Glenn in Another World: This is the Glenn you can recruit. He joins you in Termina once Macha lets you use her boat.



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