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Serge, the story’s main protagonist, is an energetic young man who has grown up happily in the simple Oceanside village of Arni. It’s a peaceful hippy town near coral beaches and exotic tropical forests. It’s also home to a wizened village chief, a bunch of wacky shanty houses, and Serge’s mom and semi-girlfriend Leena. Things are going very well for Serge. He’s well-liked by the town and the only really bad thing that’s ever happened occurred way back when he was a kid—he was attacked by a jungle panther and barely survived. With that behind him, and now a healthy teen, he spends lazy days with Leena on the pier. Eventually, Leena asks him to bring her some of those trendy Komodo dragons scales so she can turn them into jewelry and he sets off on a simple first quest…

…Little does Serge know that this is the beginning of the end of his peaceful, ordinary life. As he meets with Leena on the beach and gives her the scales, something bizarre happens. The warm coastal ebb, the sea breeze, the rainbow of coral—everything blends into a stunning CG flashback. A black panther… the jungle… an explosion… and a deadly tidal wave wash over him; in his mind…

And suddenly, everything is still. He awakens on the beach. Leena’s gone and he’s not sure if the wave and explosion were real or imagined. An old man approaches him from nearby and asks who he is… An old man who’s a fellow villager and who should know very well who Serge is. It’s as if Serge has become a stranger (and even stranger still are the events that unfold next)….

The story follows Serge as he attempts to unravel what happened--and what's real and what's not. He meets up with a motley crew and they travel the world...

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