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The Chrono Cross Information Page

Here's where fans of all shapes and sizes can learn more about the awesome Squaresoft RPG, Chrono Cross.

--this section is basically Spoiler Free--

General Info

Chrono Cross is the sequel to the Super Nintendo and Super Famicom RPG, Chrono Trigger. The events in Chrono Cross take place 20 years after the close of Chrono Trigger, and there are many storyline crossovers between the two. It is not necessary to have played Chrono Trigger to enjoy the sequel, though, so don't worry.


The dream our planet once had
Defeated the darkness and brought forth a brighter future.
However, this was also the dawn of a new nightmare...

The final battle between dragons, humans, and FATE
That will surpass even space and time is about to begin...

Our planet's dream has not yet ended...


The Beginning...

From Peaceful to Psychotic…

Serge, the story’s main protagonist, is an energetic young man who has grown up happily in the simple Oceanside village of Arni. It’s a peaceful hippy town near coral beaches and exotic tropical forests. It’s also home to a wizened village chief, a bunch of wacky shanty houses, and Serge’s mom and semi-girlfriend Leena. Things are going very well for Serge. He’s well-liked by the town and the only really bad thing that’s ever happened occurred way back when he was a kid—he was attacked by a jungle panther and barely survived. With that behind him, and now a healthy teen, he spends lazy days with Leena on the pier. Eventually, Leena asks him to bring her some of those trendy Komodo dragons scales so she can turn them into jewelry and he sets off on a simple first quest…

…Little does Serge know that this is the beginning of the end of his peaceful, ordinary life. As he meets with Leena on the beach and gives her the scales, something bizarre happens. The warm coastal ebb, the sea breeze, the rainbow of coral—everything blends into a stunning CG flashback. A black panther… the jungle… an explosion… and a deadly tidal wave wash over him; in his mind…

And suddenly, everything is still. He awakens on the beach. Leena’s gone and he’s not sure if the wave and explosion were real or imagined. An old man approaches him from nearby and asks who he is… An old man who’s a fellow villager and who should know very well who Serge is. It’s as if Serge has become a stranger (and even stranger still are the events that unfold next)….


The storyline itself, no matter which path you end up taking, concerns several philosophical themes. It asks you, as the player, to re-evaluate time and space itslef. What IS the real world? What IF you made a different decision? Is there on special person for each human on the planet? Serge must face two versions of the present and past, and through all of it, one thing remains constant--Kidd. Kidd existed before and after, and she will always be looking for you... and the result is a game with multiple endings and a deep storyline.

Chrono Trigger was so intriguing because instead of jumping on your airship and toodling around a fantasy planet, you were able to go back and forward in time to different points in the planet’s history. You experienced how the world’s physical and social elements changed, and it was pretty damned cool. Chrono Cross, however, is even better. Instead of going through time, there are two parallel worlds, lying atop one another as if they were sheets of cellophane. The worlds are almost identical, but slightly different things have happened in each of them. In one, a man might have married a woman and had a family and lived an ordinary life. In the other, one thing in his life changed and he ended up a wandering adventurer. There are two versions of everyone, each living either totally similar lives, or completely different! Another unsettling and totally cool thing is the fact that the maps are identical—but slight things are different within the towns and dungeons and ruins. In Serge’s home world, The Mansion lies in rubble because the Four Divas were killed. In "Another" world, the Mansion is huge and thriving and the Divas are still alive. Most alarming of all, Serge is DEAD in Another World, having drowned when he was a little boy… How’s that for meeting your other self?

Since the game itself is built on many layers, and depending on who you talk to will depend on which versioin of the adventure you experience, I’ll just lay out some important plot points that are fascinating and ultra cool. This section may also help you understand some of the more confusing things that happen. Since I’ve played the game through well over 4 times now, I’m pretty confident that my facts are straight. If I’ve left anything out, please email me…

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