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Guile's Profile

Age: 26
Sex: Male
Element: Black
Height and Weight: 6'2" tall, 154 lbs
Occupation: Magician
Hometown: Zenan
Weapon: Staff

General Info

Guile is a cool darned character, I must say. Not only is he a snappy dresser (love the coat tails and gold mask), but he also floats above the ground instead of walking. Heh. No, really. He's the target of a lot of fan fics and fan theories, that's for sure, largely due to his resemblance to certain Chrono Trigger characters...

Another theory is that Guile is Janus/Magus from Chrono Trigger. If you recall, Magus was the blue-haired, black-affinitied vampire lord from the game that started our bad and ended up sorta good. There are many hints in CC that Guile actually IS Magus. Based on the information about another CC /CT related game called "Radical Dreamers" that I unearthed in CB's FAQ, there's a high possibilty. The game, Radical Dreamers, was a SNES game released in Japan after Chrono Trigger. It followed the exploits of a band of young thieves known as Kidd, Serge, and Gil. Gil, apparently, looks, acts, and behaves JUST LIKE Guile in Chrono Cross. Since the game basically spells out the Kidd is working for the Radical Dreamers in Chrono Cross, it's very likley that Guile is Gil from that same game, since that game also plays heavily into the whole Chrono Cross plot. The reason this is important is, at the end of Radical Dreamers, it's revealed that Gil is actually MAGUS, who was trying to find Schala. Hmm..... The hair, the floating, the black magic, and the Radical Dreamers proof all points to Guile as being Magus, but since the game never directly confirms it, it's still just a strong theory.

In any event, Guile is a pretty reliable member of your party. He's got killer magical attacks, decent physical attacks, but he gathers elemental slots slowly. His major skills are: "Wandanin" (learned at 3 stars), "Wandaswords" (learned at 15 stars), and "Lightning Rod" (learned at 35 stars).

Guile in the Home World: A magician who enjoys adventure and has always wanted to break into Viper Manor.

Guile in Another World: We never actually meet him. He might be the same? Maybe this points to the fact that he's MAGUS. Heh heh heh.


The only real spoiler with Guile is short. If you take him to meet with the Fortune Teller in Zenan, she'll surprise you. It seems Guile is her student or affiliate of some kind and they have a bet going on...

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