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Macha's/Maacha's Profile

Age: 38 
Sex: Female
Element: Red 
Height and Weight: 5'6" tall, 150 lbs
Hometown: Guldove
Weapon: Frying Pan 
Occupation: Housewife (and sailor?!)

General Info

Maacha Is Korcha's big, fruit-wearin' momma. She's pretty cool, I gotta say. In a genre where all the women are half-starved wafes, Maacha stands out as a bold female with an attitude! She's a little portly, very friendly, and wields a mean frying pan!

Maacha lives in the village of Guldove in a cool tree house. She's the mother of Mel and Korcha and her husband is the wandering chef Orcha (although some FAQs say Orcha is her sibling. I inferred that Orcha was her husband since she says her husband is a traveling cook. Hmmm... Orcha calls himself a traveling cook, too). I could be wrong, though. = ). You can get her in your party if, when Kidd gets sick with Yamaneko's poison, you choose NOT to help locate the poison antidote. Korcha gets mad and won't let you use his boat-but his mom, Maacha knows you're a good-hearted soul and will take you around in her boat. =)

She seems to have a great grip on reality, wild fashion sense, and is a pretty motherly type. I had fun using her!



Not any spoilers I can think of. Do you know something to add here, o visitor?

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