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Norris / Ishito's Profile

Age: 26
Sex: Male
Element: Yellow
Height and Weight: 5' 10" tall, 137 lbs
Hometown: Porre, Zenan Continent
Weapon: Gun 
Occupation: Captain of the Black Wind 

General Info

Norris (real name in Japanese: Ishito) is one cool, pistol-packing character. The gods know I used him throughout most of the game as a staple character. When you meet him in the game, you're not sure if he's gonna be a baddie or goodie, since he's so strongly tied to the military. In the end, though, he's probably one of the last honest characters in the game and he's totally devoted to peace, law, and order.

Norris is the Captain of the Black Wind (of Porre) and his men respect and honor him. You first meet him in the ruins of Viper Manor in the home world, in the basement, where he gives you valuable information (and joins your party). He's a pretty straightfoward guy who likes to affiliate himself with the "right." In this case, it's Serge and his party.

Norris in the Home World: The Norris that joins your party. A lawful, good-hearted dude.

Norris in Another World: Exactly the same as the Home World Norris, except he doesn't join your party.


When Norris and Norris get a chance to meet later in the game, in Another World, Norris will tell his Home World counterpart to "come and visit me later." Make sure you visit him later in Another World's Viper Manor (he hangs out in the top leftmost parlor). He'll give you your last skill--the super-cool TopShot.

Aside from this, there isn't much biographical info on poor Norris / Ishito. If anyone has anything to add, feel free.

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