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Poshul's Profile

Age: ?
Sex: Female
Element: Yellow 
Height and Weight: 3/8" tall, 26 lbs
Hometown: Arni Village
Weapon: Glove
Occupation: Leena's Doggy

General Info

Poshul is Leena's trusty canine pal. She's a fluffy, roly-poly pink thing-of-a-dog that will join you automatically if you refuse Kidd and get Leena in your party (Another World), OR if you find the Heckran Bone in the Home World and offer it to her in the Home World before giving Leena your Komodo Dragon Scales on the beach.

Poshul's goofy, silly, funny, and an all-around cute Japanese critter-type character. If you love those kinda characters, Poshul's your--ermm, dog. She has a LOT of hit points when you first get her and she's pretty tough, though her attacks get much stronger over time.

She seems to enjoy playing in peaceful little Arni village, and she has her own doghouse near the old lady's house toward the beach. She also talks with a lisp. Must be the big tounge?

Poshul in the Home World: Lovable, cute, cuddly, and tough. She can join your party if the right steps are taken.

Poshul in Another World: Lovable, cute---heck. She's the same as in Home World, and you can recruit her, too, if you do things right (but you can't have her in your party twice).


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