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Riddel's Profile

Age: 24 
Sex: Female
Element: White 
Height and Weight: 5'7" tall, 104 lbs
Hometown: El Nido
Weapon: Staff 
Occupation: Princess

General Info

Riddel is the dainty little daughter of big ol' Lord Viper. She resides in Viper Manor with her dad and seems to have no real duties (although she may be a diplomat of some sort). Riddel grew up in Vipor Manor and in the neighboring city of Termina.

Riddel was at once point engaged to Dario, a warrior who was the best friend of she and Karsh from childhood. Dario in Another World was killed, and Riddel is still grieving over his death when you first meet her in Viper Manor on Another World.

Riddel Home World: ??? May or may not exist. Possibly killed in the attack on Viper Manor by Porre.

Riddel Another World: Lives with her father in Viper Manor. Very sweet, dainty, and pure, and grieving over her dead fiance, Dario. She has a strong sense of justice and will join you once you rescue her from Viper's Manor in Another World.


Riddel, Dario, and Karsh have known each other since practically infancy. Dario and his little brother Glenn (Grenn) lived in that cute little log cabin right next to the blacksmith's house in Termina. Karsh is, of course, the son of the Blacksmith and his wife, Zappa and Zippa. Since Lord Viper rules the city of Termina, apparently Riddel was able to come to town often to play with her two little pals, Karsh and Dario, in the big field between the two boys' houses.

Things were wonderful for the trio as children and they grew deep bonds. However, as puberty started to set in, passions inevitably grew. Both Karsh and Dario fell for Riddel (can we say Shakespeare's Two Men of Verona?) and they both really loved her and wanted to marry her. Riddel had passions of her own, and in fact fell in love with Dario. Dario proposed to Riddel and she accepted. Happily, the couple announced their engagement to their best friend... Karsh. Poor Karsh was crushed, but he congratulated them and wished them well... He was totally heartbroken but did not have any ill will toward them.

Dario and Karsh had already been adventuring together--and at some point after their engagement, they went to ----- Island. It seemed as though they had been sent by Lord Viper to helo Yamaneko retrieve the Masamune from the twisted island. Once they got deep inside, they uncovered the Masamune--the evil sword that can curse and corrupt anyone who touches it. Both men knew the dangers of it and Karsh suggested they get out of there. However, Dario was so enthralled, he rushed up to grab it. He ignored Karsh's protests and grabbed the sword. He was instantly posessed by the wicked, twisted, and vengeful spirit of Radius' best friend and master (whom had died at Radius' ahnd long before, due to the sword's curse) and he began attacking Karsh with intent to kill.

As Dario viciously attacked Karsh, Karsh made every effort to defend without hurting his friend. He kept calling to Dario, but Dario's mind was evil and posessed and he would stop at nothing to destroy Karsh--even though they were best buds. Dario knocked Karsh hard to the ground with a deadly swipe and it looked like Karsh would die... In one last move of self-defense, Karsh swung out with his axe. It struck Dario cleanly and perfectly, and Dario fell from the bony precipice, sword falling from his hands...

Dario was killed... and Karsh was devastated. He had killed his own best friend, even if it was in self-defense and by accident.

Yamaneko, who had had Viper send them after the sword, casually walked up and grabbed the Masamune. See Karsh's profile for more details.

Riddel's fiance was then dead in Another World. However, in the Home World, Karsh, Glenn, Dario, Zoah, and Marcy had all been adventuring in the service of Lord Viper when they were blown into that deadly sea on the eastern side of the map. They were all killed--except DARIO! It's not certain whether or not Karsh and Dario had a similar experience with the Masamune, but it's implied that they did. So, the Dario in Home World was alive and well, albeit with amnesia, and he was living on a little island near Viper Manor (the same island where Salt and Peppor live in Another World). A nice lady was taking care of him.

If you go to the little island (Unknown Island) in the Home World toward the end of the game, bring Karsh and Riddel. You will meet the Home World's Dario and the lady who's been nursing him back to health. Apparently, he washed up on the shore there and doesn't remember who he is. Show him Dario's pendant from Another World and he'll snap out of his fun (of course he'll attack you, too--seems he's still posessed by Radius' master, via the Masamune). If you defeat him (and he's really hard) you'll get Riddel's final skill attack, Snake Fangs, and Riddel and Dario will have a heartwarming reunion. The Riddel in The Home World died, and the Dario in Another World died, but the two lovers are at last reunited and will once again get married!! Poor Karsh--that's like double-screwed, huh?

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