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Serge's Profile

Age: 17
Sex: Male
Element: White
Height and Weight: 5' 7" tall, 128 lbs
Hometown: Arni
Weapon: Swallow

General Info

This part's easy enough. Serge is the hero (or at least the main character) of Chrono Cross. According to the game booklet, he's the "Silent Protagonist," even though he still seems to talk to fellow characters? Serge is a young man born in a quiet coastal town. When he was a little boy, he was attacked by a panther in the jungle and nearly died. Later, he would almost drown in the ocean and would barely survive... at least on the Home World. ^_~

In the HOME WORLD, Serge's mother is a pretty hip lookin' lady who wears a kerchief and lives in the town of Arni. His father was lost at sea a long time before--in fact, he barely knows him at all. Apparently, his dad was an adventurer who used to travel with Leena's father, and the two ended up being swept into the most deadly part of the sea... Thus, his father never returned home...

Serge is the most powerful character in the game, as you might imagine. He has strong fighting skills, powerful "Skills," and an affinity for white elements, which makes him irreplacable against dark creatures. His Skills are: Dash & Slash (learned at 3 stars), Luminaire (learned at 15 stars), and the kickass "Flying Arrow" (learned at 35 stars). He has plenty of magic slots to fill and he's never at a loss for finding great weapons. Personally, I usually don't care for the heroes much--but Serge is really fascinating. He's good a well-balanced RPG base and an intriguing history and future.

Serge in the Home World: This is the Serge we play as. He nearly died from a panther attack AND from drowning as a little boy, but he's alive and well and living in Arni as a teenager. He seems to be slightly romantically involved with Leena.

Serge in Another World: Serge in this world drowned when he was a little boy and was buried at Echo Peak. Leena in Another World still fondly remembers him and wishes he were still alive.

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